Tips for a Modern Bedroom Layout

We tend to compulsively arrange and rearrange our house, but the bedrooms. This could be influenced by the fact that we assume the room to be private, or maybe because we only get into the room when tired and sleepy; the primary activity.

On the contrary, rearranging your bedroom can boost your moods as well as your sleep cycle. Adjust the layout in your bedroom and you’ll likely feel a fresh reflection of your style and taste. You spend close to a third of your lifetime in the bedroom and therefore, it should come first when you think about decorating your house.

The bedroom should be livable and comfy to help you enjoy some relaxation and a spark of joy. You need to try out our layout tips to help you make the best out of your sanctuary.

1. Merge the bedroom and the bathroom

You can introduce an opaque glass split-up to separate your bedroom without compromising the flow of natural light and your privacy. You may also design the bathroom behind the wall close to the bedpost; this way, the bathroom will be connected through an open space.

Try out a minimalist modern style where the bathroom and the bedroom can be located on one edge of the room. This type of design requires that you consider proper ventilation.

2. Merge the bedroom and the closet

Some modern bedroom designs emphasize multifunctional bedroom furniture. You can design the closet to be located behind the headboard to help you optimize the room and give space for wall decorations. Your designer can also help you to improvise a simple floating chest of drawers( or racks on the wall against the windows to create a unique storage system.

Add some floating LED lights to light up the closet area and you’ll surely love the new décor.

3. Focus on upward design

Make your room feel taller by painting your ceiling using vibrant color to help draw the attention of the eyes towards the ceiling. You can also achieve an upward illusion by hanging your window treatments not far from the ceiling.

4. Install decorative mirrors and lighting

You can place an ornamental mirror above the chest of drawers to give your room a feel of style and elegance. Hanging a light fixture or installing a chandelier will create a perfect illusion that catches the attention of the eyes and illuminates the room to create a romantic mood.

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